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An arrogant and determined earl looking to find the perfect wife; an intractable governess wanting to transform him into the perfect man — who will win? Hoping to stumble upon a new author or series?


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View Results. Home Characters Authors. Honoria Baker-Sneed. Devon St. Harriet Ward. Chase St. Anthony Elliot, Earl of Greyley.

Devon St John. Melody Macdonald. Anna Thraxton. How do series work? Helpers SaraHope 5 , Petroglyph 1. An Affair to Remember by Karen Hawkins. Confessions of a Scoundrel by Karen Hawkins. Beside him on the seat was Paul the footman, a relatively new arrival to Mr. Devon St. John's rather considerable staff. Paul was inclined to agree with John the coachman. It fair makes me shiver in me boots.

The Talisman Ring Regency Romances

Are ye sure we've come to the right place? John said to go to Kilkairn Castle and to Kilkairn Castle we've come. John has bumped his noggin. First he leaves his own brother's weddin' afore it even begins and then he orders us to bring him here, drivin' through godforsaken rain fer days on end. And when we do get to this lumbering pile of stone, there's nary a light on!

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Paul stood, stealing yet another glance at the dark edifice before them. While he wasn't a great believer in ghosties, the castle definitely left him with an uneasy, spine-tingling sensation that was as unnerving as the constant pour of rain.

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Biting back a sigh, Paul made his way down from the seat, landing in a huge puddle of muck that sank his wet boots up to his ankles. Didn't they knowed we was comin'? I posted the letter for Mr. John meself. He hoped the owner of the castle was not as ramshackle as his edifice and had a place prepared for them all.

Holding this warming thought in place, the footman trudged back to open the door for his master, stopping to collect a lantern from a side hook.

And the Bride Wore Plaid

It took a while to get the blasted lamp lit. He carried the lantern to the door and hung it on a hook there, the golden pool of light greatly diminished by the weather. He tugged on the door handle, opened it, and then let down the steps. Inside the plush carriage sprawled a long, elegant figure dressed in a well-fitted coat and breeches, sparkling top boots, and a perfectly starched and folded cravat, set with a blue sapphire.

The jewel echoed the master's blue eyes in an uncanny manner. There was no mistaking a St.

Karen Hawkins (author)

John -- black hair and blue eyes, a square, determined chin, and a sharp wit marked them all. At the moment, though, Paul couldn't make out his master's face in the shadows, which left him momentarily anxious. Though it was rare that Mr. John took an irritation, he could be cold and cutting when occasion called for it. Paul cleared his throat.

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John, we have arrived at Kilkairn Castle. The figure inside stirred, stretching lazily. I fear I had fallen into a stupor when -- good God! John's blue eyes widened as he looked at Paul. Go ahead and say it -- it's wretched, horrid, awful, godforsaken rain and you wonder why we're arriving so late at night. John talisman ring. It's a curse if there ever was one.

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It seems that whoever holds the bloody thing is doomed to wed. Paul had heard of the St.

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John talisman ring, and it sounded horrid indeed.