Bill Brysons African Diary (UK Edition)

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It's quite entertaining, but not quite up to the standard of some of his earlier stuff. The book was sold as a fundraiser for CARE international. If anyone else feels guilty that by reading this via a bookring that you're doing them out of a donation, it's possible to give online here. On its way to Muffin77 now Ooopsie — sorry. The above journal entry was typed by me. Apologies, grovels and sorry if I've confused everyone. I've certainly confused myself Will start reading the book tonight. Thanks already!!!!! Already have "lady-anglophile"'s address so I try to read the book fast.

So now I am wondering: is he never watching the news? What does he think is going on in the world? I just wondered again and again if he had ever heard of refugee camps in Africa, of help-organisations and what they do, of the needs of refugees and people in an underdeveloped country, of corruption Sorry, I liked the writing style itself but I am not sure Mr. Bryson lives in reality. Sorry for the delay - had some private things to take care of first. Now I am feeling a bit better and sent the book on today.

Received by post from lady-anglophile in the marvelously named Jileeb Alshuyoukh. I really need to find a friend who collects stamps! I agree with others who point put that this is rather superficial and that Bryson only got a very brief picture of the work of CARE and the live of those they work with.

Nevertheless, a ten because those who do this work need others to hear about it. We need to hear the stories of individuals who are benefitting so that we don't get overwhelmed and turn away. We need to be reminded that running water is a cause for celebration. We need to rejoice in our houses, safety, health, sanitation, education, opportunities. We will hopefully respond by doing a little towards alleviating the injustice - for we CAN make a difference.

Posted to Readinator, Ada2 having already been given a copy. Thank-you, Catwoman! Thanks Catwoman for starting this. Look forward to a good quick read, and will send on to mlbish. I enjoyed this quick, gently funny read over one lunchtime. Thanks Catwoman for sharing! Certainly reminds you of the good work that non-government orgs are doing, and how much there remains left to do. Will send to mlbish when I have an address. A nice quick read. Food for thought! It's good to see things happen for the world's poor, but there is such a long way to go!

Thanks very much Catwoman for sharing this one. Put in the mail for mlbish today. Airmail, because the book and the little extra that accompanies it! It should reach the US in a week or so. Caught before Thanksgiving.

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Sorry I wasn't able to journal the book until now. I will read it and pass it along ASAP. Thank you, readinator for the extra little book! I loved the article about BC. I'll keep that one moving too, so others can share it. I read this little book in one sitting last night. Well, I was lying in bed, but details, details It was so great. I love Bill Bryson.

He's a great writer. He usually manages to be funny, insightful, and often poignant at the same time. This short bit left me wanting much much more!! I hope against hope that he will go back to Africa for a full-length book sometime soon. He alluded to another book for which he was researching early humans. His interest in protohumans has made me more excited about reading that book! Thank you for sharing, Catwoman. I am going to visit Grads-Cafe's link to donate to the CARE organization so that I have not taken money from them by participating in this bookring.

Just received it today. Family is arriving for our Christmas party. Will read after the holidays. Wow, how he kept things humourous at times while describing what he saw in Africa shows what a good writer he is. I loved his airplane ride, and the opening of the book. Mailed this to becca-mo today. Sent it first class since it was only 50 cent more than media.

Update: yes, I finished it at work. Not surprising as it is less than 50 pages long and, as his readers can attest, Bryson's writing is easy-reading. Fans of Bryson will not be disappointed as he masterfully weaves humor, fear, and compassion in every sentence. Just received in a book ring.

Will read next! I love, love, love Bill Bryson! I wish the book could have been a few pages longer, but I enjoyed it immensely. Sent off to OneMorePage today-- enjoy your first bookring! I rec'd this yesterday and finished read it in one sitting, as I was supposed to be mopping my kitchen floor.


This was infinitely more enjoyable. My first experience with a bookring couldn't have been nicer. I enjoy how he pretends to be the "genial incompetent" as Skyrider called him, but with a tremendous thirst for knowledge and preservation of our world. Here is a typical laugh-out-loud passage, vintage Bryson: "I am disappointed to find that there is no mosquito net around the bed in my room.

Unaware that Nairobi is malaria-free, I slather myself with insect repellant and pass a long night sounding like two strips of parting Velcro each time I roll over in the bed and dreaming terrible dreams in which Jungle Jim, assisted by a tribe of white pygmies, chases me through the streets of Omaha with dung balls. I wanted to know more about all of the people he wrote about. I, too, am going to make a donation to CARE.

Off now to ds Received in the mail today from OneMorePage. Will read ASAP and send it on it's way. Very short. Well written, but I would have liked a full length book. Waiting for the address of the next participant to send it on.

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She's next on this bookring. I agree with the other journallers that the book is a little superficial.

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However I loved Bryson's writing style and will definitely read more. I loved his description of the night without a mosquito net and the airplane ride. The book makes you really think of all that we have Extremely quick good read!!! The book has arrived here today - and what an inviting cover! Thanks also for the postcard, Ace of Hearts. I'll journal again once I've read it. A fascinating read in true Bryson style.

I enjoyed this, but felt his style needs the 'luxury' of greater length. He is a wordsmith and this 'short' format was limiting. It wasn't, however, produced as a full scale book, but a taster for Care and as such it made me think and act upon it, so it was an effective read! It is now on its way to Bulgaria - almost as well travelled as Bryson himself! Received today. Hope to finish it very quick. The book was very short,I confess I wanted for more because I liked the feel of Africa which Bryson managed to convey even in such a short writing.

It was a good reminder about the poverty which governs the Third World,and a reminder for us to be thankful for the far better living conditions. The book is going to NY. Received this in the mail yesterday, all the way from Bulgaria. I'm looking forward to reading it--thanks to all!

I enjoy reading Bryson's work--I think I've read all his book-length stuff except his grammar book have to draw the line there. This is a short one. The lovable incompetent who is so entertaining when bumbling around other countries seemed a little too out of touch here. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the book and it prompted me to send a little money to CARE--one of their staff was abducted in May and is now being held hostage in Afganistan edited to add that, thank goodness, she was released after about 3 weeks.

I will set this up to continue as a bookray in the near future. Thanks for sending it out, Catwoman. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. So far, in just over a year, 8 countries; 2 Canadian provinces and 5 US states! To keep this little book going, I invited more participants for this bookray, with great success. Postage quoted is for up to 1kg in weight. Extra postage will have to be added for heavier items. More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by Doubleday, UK About this Item: Doubleday, UK, Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good.

The book is in Fine condition with the usual tanning to the page edges associated with this publication. There are no marks or inscriptions and nothing that really devalues the book condition.

Bill Bryson's African Diary

This extends about 2cm down the page edge and has created some creasing to the rear cover. See uploaded image. A rare find. All books are in our possession. We try our very best to describe each item as well as we can, but we also upload images so buyers can assess the item themselves.

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Fine cloth copy in an equally fine dw, now mylar-sleeved. Of plates : col. Subject: Bryson, Bill - Travel - Kenya. Bryson, Bill, - Travel - Kenya. Bryson, Bill, - Journeys - Kenya. Bryson, Bill. Summary: Bill Bryson goes to Kenya at the invitation of CARE International, the charity dedicated to working with local communities to eradicate poverty around the world. Kenya, generally regarded as the cradle of mankind, is a land of contrasts, with famous game reserves, stunning landscapes, and a vibrant cultural tradition.

It also provides plenty to worry a traveller like Bill Bryson, fixated as he is on the dangers posed by snakes, insects and large predators. But on a more sober note, it is a country that shares many serious human and environmental problems with the rest of Africa: refugees, AIDS, drought and grinding poverty.

Travelling around the country, Bryson casts his inimitable eye on a continent new to him, and the resultant diary, though short in length, contains the trademark Bryson stamp of wry observation and curious insight. Slightest hint of tanning to page margins. Cities and towns - United States. Travel - Handbooks, manuals, etc.

United States - Description and travel - United States - Social life and customs - In he served as a chancellor at Durham University. He is the one who succeeded the late Sir Peter Ustinov and his appointment made him to become more active in dealing with the activities of students as his post mandated.

He appeared in a Durham student film that was called the sequel to The Assassinator that was aimed at promoting the litter picks in this city. Numerous universities awarded him honorary degrees including Open University and Bournemouth University that awarded him in April of This was due to advancement in the cause of the chemical sciences. This was an annual award that was done in order to encourage and boost the writing of sciences in schools.

On the 13th of December, he was awarded an honorary OBE due to his great contribution to literature. In the year he won the Golden-Eagle-Award and in October, he was announced to be stepping down his role as a chancellor at Durham-University. On May of he was elected as an Honorary-Fellow of the Royal Society and became the first Non Britain to be conferred such an honor. Bryson has written different types of books that can be categorized under language, biography, travel, science, history as well as memoir. He later in went to settle in England. Bill Bryson lived in North Yorkshire for almost twenty years.

He has lived with his family is Hanover, New Hampshire. William McGuire has a spouse, Cynthia Billen; they are happily married. Cynthia was working as a nurse while they meet with Bill Bryson. Bryson had just landed a job in the psychiatric hospital where Cynthia was working and they tied the knot in Together, they have four children, Samuel, Catherine, Felicity and David.

He was born to Mary Bryson and William and has an older brother Michael. He also has a sister, Mary Elizabeth. He dropped out of Drake University in after two years of study. He backpacked around Europe for four months. The following year, he moved back to Europe together with the pseudonymous Stephen Katz, a high-school friend. The book documents a similar journey McGuire Bill made two centuries later.

Bill Bryson writes more on non-fiction books most specifically on travel. Additionally, he has written books on Shakespeare, his own childhood, and on language.

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In the United Kingdom, he has sold more non-fiction books than any other author has. On December 13, , he was awarded an OBE for his great contribution to literature. In addition to being an author, Bryson had a stake in the education sector. He served as the chancellor of the University of Durham, a position he got after the death of Peter Ustinov.

His book A Short History of Nearly Everything, an acclaimed book on the history of science, has won him two awards. The book Notes from a Small Island was voted as the best book that best represents Britain, in a national poll among other awards. Bill Holderman wrote the final screenplay of the film that was originally drafted by Amicalola Falls.

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Breakfast | Welcome to Bill Bryson

Some scenes were filmed at the Amicalola Falls Lodge. It was the premier film at the Sundance Film Festival in Kerry Shale was the narrator of the series.

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The book was also adapted for television in by Carlton Television.