Clause structure of the Shimaore dialect of Comorian (Bantu)

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The clause structure of the Shimaore dialect of Comorian (Bantu)

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The Structure of Behaviour. The Structure of Arguments. The Structure Of Matter. Recommend Documents. The Raising of Predicates: Predicative Noun Phrases and the Theory of Clause Structure One of the basic premises of the theory of syntax is that clause structures can be minimally identified as containing a Muraoka, A Your name. Close Send. Remember me Forgot password? Cilungu phonology. Stanford: Center for the Study of Language and Communication. Cassimjee, Farida. Isixhosa tonology: An Optimal Domains Theory analysis.

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Berkeley, CA: University of California dissertation. Diprose, Martin. Lugungu phonology statement. Doke, Clement. Textbook of Zulu grammar.

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Johannesburg: Longmans. Zulu—English dictionary. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press. Downing, Laura. Problems in Jita tonology. Correspondence effects in Siswati reduplication. Studies in the Linguistic Sciences On the ambiguous segmental status of nasals in homorganic NC sequences. Berlin: De Gruyter. Fortune, George. An analytical grammar of Shona. Low vowels and transparency in Kinande vowel harmony. Goldsmith, John. Accent systems. Grosserhode, Ralf. Stimmlose Nasale im Gogo. Geburtstag von Franz Rottland , — Guthrie, Malcolm.

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Maore dialect

The phonology and morphology of Kimatuumbi. Oxford: Clarendon. Kihehe syllable structure. Rufiji-Ruvuma N10, P Melodic tone in Bantu: Overview. Africana Linguistica XX : 3— Overton, Harold. A generative-transformational grammar of the Kikuyu language based on the Nyeri dialect. Parkinson, Frederick. The phonological representation of vowel height, its phonetic correlates and role in constraint-based phonology. Peng, Long. Kikuyu vowel harmony. South African Journal of African Languages Petzell, Malin. The Kagulu language of Tanzania: Grammar, texts and vocabulary. Poletto, Robert. Topics in Runyankore phonology.

Roberts-Kohno, R.