Clinical PET and PETCT

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We welcome work with external collaborators, including industry. We aim to obtain the best possible quality and reliability for all studies we perform.

The Centre develops exciting PET methodology e. PET-MR , and also performs cutting-edge research into innovative radiochemistry using our in-house cyclotron and our wide range of multidisciplinary expertise. This commercially available and supported instrumentation provides the desired short duty cycles and repeat production capabilities needed to realize the increased radiopharmaceutical production capabilities of the new Eclipse HP cyclotron, but also the demonstrated potential for producing very high specific activities.

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Clinical PET and PETCT

The facility also offers equipment for the remote synthesis of carbon and fluorine labeled radiopharmaceuticals:. The area, staffed full-time by radiologists credentialed to interpret both PET and CT scans, allows for greater diagnostic accuracy in interpretation and more convenient one-to-one consultations with the oncologist.

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The PET experts offer consultation services to investigators to discuss specific research objectives and the appropriate PET imaging protocol. Consultations include guidance in experimental design, development, validation, and implementation of methodology in the interpretation of study data.

It will be useful to radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and clinicians who refer their patients to PET Centers for diagnostic imaging, including neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, cardiologists, internists, and oncologists. Radiologic and nuclear medicine technologists, and physicians in training will also benefit from this work. Jadvar , J. PET Radiotracers. Neurology and Psychiatry.

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