Galactic Healing: Introduction to the Galactic Healing Energy Modality

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To feel stuck. To feel like accessing your true self and coming in to your full potential is a constant struggle. Does this sound familiar? Gorgeous soul, know that you are not alone! I have been there, too. It was a long and winding road, yet I discovered a way. If your answer is YES!

Usui Original Reiki & Ascended Master Reiki Practitioner Training Course

With Core Expansion, you will learn how to shift limiting energies and negative patterns gently, quickly, and powerfully from their point of creation, so you can help yourself and your clients to step into your innate confidence and self-awareness, relieve overwhelm and stress, and regain clarity, focus and direction in all areas of your life and your business.

For years I hid away and kept my light in the shadows, prioritizing the comfort of others over my own self. Outdated beliefs, stagnant patterns, and ancient blocks kept me afraid of embracing the incredible healing magic I knew was inside me. Now, I no longer keep my light covered. I no longer allow my power to be dimmed. I know all of us are born to shine our light so brilliantly that there is no space for limitation. Close your eyes for one moment and take a deep breath.

Divine Demonstrations - Ep. 3 "Galactic Healing"

Exhale, place hand over heart, and imagine living in the unique power and freedom of you…. What would it feel like?

How would your life shift? What could you create?

Star Healing Session for Adults

Living in Catholic Ireland, the healing arts were frowned upon, and she had to keep her power concealed. Despite this, she found ways to keep her magic alive, and to pass it down to me. Slowly, I began to re-align with my own gifts, after shifting enough of my gunk with the help of many wonderful healers to gain the confidence and freedom to fully embrace my purpose the incredible healing modality Core Expansion , a gift direct from Source. Core Expansion has supported me in moving through immense grief, pain and uncertainty to create sustainable abundance , love, joy and deeper connections in my life.

You will realise the innate freedom of transforming eons of hidden wounds, limiting patterns and sabotaging energies on the deepest level so that you can truly align with your unique gifts. This is your time to embrace your true, core self with confidence, so you can align with your innate gifts and expand exponentially as a powerful healer, transform all aspects of your life and connect with your soul family.

You will receive the Divine Soul Awakening Code, as well as learn and experience how Core Expansion brings the conscious and the subconscious mind into harmony so you can identify and transform limiting energies with ease, clarity and effectiveness. You will amplify your confidence as a Divine Being and receive the Divine Heart Healing Awakening Code, connecting with the energy of time so you can traverse timelines and enhance your life at a fundamental level. You will also learn an exciting way to infuse the Core Energies into in-animate objects such as your home, your clothes, crystals, your business and much more.

This comes from the source, Ensof, and has the pure energy to heal you but not only healing, supporting you to transform you to the next energy and conscious level. Have you ever heard people are saying that Reiki is not that effective? I heard that too and experienced it. Many of them say they are Reiki practitioners and teacher only after couple of days training.

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They may be qualified but the way training is conducted is not really long enough or appropriate enough. It lacks the mental and emotional, psychological trainings to release ego and develop more love and compassion aspects, and sometimes it lacks the authentic Reiki connection. Sometimes, some of the Reiki seminars lack of cultivating mental and emotional discipline trainings and do not offer authentic Reiki Attunements. Our trained Reiki healers offer high quality reiki healing which is effective mentally and physically. Our training cultivates these aspects and that is why there are some pre- and post- requirements.

Join our training and become trained! Probably you are not aware whether you are original Japanese Usui Reiki practitioner or Western Reiki practitioner or not. Our practitioners feel its energy from the level 1 and at the level 2, even stronger. They receive many good feedback from their clients. Have you wondered why your Reiki is not so effective? Come and re-sit at our seminars and re-trained and re-attuned with the authentic Reiki connection.

Many of the Western Reiki trainings lack of the proper connection and trainings.

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For proper healing and its connection, please attend the level 2. Original Reiki. Workshop fee: — If you pay by bank transfer, it is cheaper.

Benefits of Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™

Deadline, 4 days before of the workshop. Pre-requisite — NONE. Terms and conditions — please read at the bottom of this page when you apply for the seminar. Your energy and consciousness will be accessed by the Master teacher. Workshop fee: — 7. You can request your preferred time to attend. You can get covered by the policy and start practising Reiki for others. Next open — practice session will be organised in Sep-Oct. You will learn about the hands on position, additional self-healing contents listed in the level 2. Once you complete all the pre-requisites and below post-requisite, you will be certified as a Usui Reiki Practitioner acknowledged by the school.

click At this level, you will learn how to work with Ascended masters or your own Healing Guide of the Light. In order to work with them, you also need to learn how to raise your conscious level and improve your healing. There are lots of coaching elements for better healing and your mental and emotional healing. Raise your consciousness and healing quality. Please keep a log on how many hours you practiced Reiki on how many people.