Implementing a Gender-Based Arts Program for Juvenile Offenders

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Spivack and Buckham Gallery are behind the arts program at GVRC, and said that while they still do work with girls as well as boys, it was the girls who caught the attention of the publishing company, Anderson Publishing out of Boston.


What Spivack and the other volunteer artists found, she said, was that the boys tended to be drawn to the visual arts, where the girls were more interested in writing. The boys like to do, to do the visual arts, and the girls like to talk more, and write.

Over time, however, the girls came out of their shells and, through words, found empowerment, Spivack said. Many of the young people wrote about their hometown of Flint. One wrote:. The book is only about pages long. Spivack, who also teaches juvenile justice and gender crime and justice classes at the University of Michigan-Flint, is using the book for those classes.

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She said she hopes other professors will also find it helpful for those classes, but also that it might have a life outside the classroom. Each from the recent summer program will have a poem of their own in the book. Then she and the other teachers pick their brains, talking about what they heard in the poem, what it made them think about. Then they get the opportunity to write. Each week they focus on a different theme.

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Those themes included, ambition, what does love mean to you, beauty, and challenges. The Resource Center also provides targeted training and technical assistance to state and local criminal justice professionals, policymakers and practitioners.

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The Center is a nonprofit organization that assists criminal justice and other public and private sector policymakers and practitioners to develop more effective solutions to criminal justice challenges through a wide range of services. To this end, the Center works with justice and stakeholder agencies to:.

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They include:. CORE Associates. CORE has particular knowledge and experience in the research, development, and implementation of gender-responsive services for adolescent and adult females. CORE connects clients to research and best practices regarding gender-responsive programming and approaches with females, and helps them translate knowledge into substantive changes that positively impact the lives of females and males, and the staff with whom they work.

Art Works for Flint's Detained Youth | Children's Rights Litigation | ABA Section of Litigation

The services provided by CORE include, but are not limited to, gender-responsiveness program assessment, training on gender-responsive practices, technical assistance regarding implementation of gender-responsive practices at all levels of service delivery, program design and development, and system assessment and development. Orbis Partners.

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Orbis Partners helps human service organizations enhance the lives of their clients and their staff by providing evidence-based practices, tools, and strategies to enhance performance. Services provided by Orbis Partners are categorized into four main areas — assessment, programs, research and evaluation, and software development. Orbis Partners has developed state-of-the-art assessment tools for determining risk, need, and strengths in criminal justice populations, including a special assessment protocol for women.


Orbis Partners is a leader in the development of programming for high risk populations — particularly in the field of corrections. They have also developed gender-responsive programs and case management curricula focusing on skill development specifically for teenage girls and adult women.

The SMHPD Center for Innovation in Trauma Informed Approaches is dedicated to building awareness of trauma-informed care and promoting the implementation of trauma-informed practices in programs and services. The Moss Group. The Moss Group, Inc. Through the use of nationally recognized subject matter experts, The Moss Group partners with their clients to develop solutions in a wide range of issues confronting correctional leaders.

Examples include, correctional management and operations, gender-responsive strategies, working with women offenders and girls, aligning organizational and facility culture, addressing custodial sexual abuse in juvenile and adult settings, implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act, leadership and mentoring, and strategic planning.