Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Neanderthal, What Ever You Call Them Are Real

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Visit our community guidelines for more information. National Post Staff. Filed under News. Bigfoot real and the result of human women mating with an 'unknown hominin,' claims U.

Can Your Mattress Protector Stand up to Sasquatch?

I can tell you from personal experience how disturbing it is to discover a website devoted to making fake audio clips of you — for comic or malevolent purposes. In the s, severe autism was thought to affect up to 10 children in 10, By , it was one child in Hoaxes and fakes may have clouded the picture—and kept many scientists from looking at the facts, but DNA research published this week claims to identify a new relative of Homo sapiens.

Despite the fact that it was rejected by peer-reviewed journals, the DNA evidence could tell the tale of a new species. Would 10 lab scientists put their names on a report of dubious origins? Is it even possible to fake DNA evidence? What is the probability that everyone is going to join in on a fraudulent paper?

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Scott Moody shows light micrographs of three human hairs. They investigate and test hypotheses with evidence and assess the probability of truth or falseness. In literature and anthropological art, accounts of Sasquatch go back thousands of years. The same is true for Europe and Asia.

'Bigfoot' Is Part Human, DNA Study Claims

A 16 th century manuscript from Germany, pictographs on the Tule River Indian Reservation, and other historical records tell a compelling story. It can be pretty easy to explain some sightings, says Moody, who has been called upon to investigate Ohio claims. Sorry, folks, if you were hoping for Bigfoot in the woods around Athens.

Those toe-like footprints were caused by rainwater washing around pebbles in the clay, he demonstrated. That white creature attacking a bird feeder—a white-tailed deer standing on its hind legs, according to the hairs found on the feeder.

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And those increased sightings reported in Ohio in the last 15 years? When Ray Wallace died, he instructed his family to release the evidence of his hoax film from a logging camp in Northern California, notes Moody. Recent additions to the video record include trail cams, with some video attributed to black bears with mange, yet clouded by extremity analysis of proportions and bears.

But a recent paper by Bill Munns and Jeff Meldrum looks at another popular film— the Patterson film of —analyzed from the perspective of suit vs. The evidence indicates subcutaneous adipose tissue adhering to a body, not a body inside a furry suit of fabric. There are now 26 distinct species of hominids described scientifically since diverging from a common ancestor with the chimp-bonobo clade.

Good candidates for Sasquatch include Homo erectus , Paranthropius boisei , Flores man which only died out 3, years ago , and Gigantopithecus blacki extinct for a million years or so. In orangutans and humans, there is a naked forehead with hair combed forward, which is not a characteristic of chimpanzees or gorillas. But easy answers are not the case for some of the evidence, including the newest tool in the scientific kit—DNA analysis. Footprints are pretty easy. Discerning a print made by someone wearing a piece of wood cut in the shape of a big foot can be told from an actual print made by an animal whose foot bends flexibly while walking, for example.

But would a hoaxer at a time before fingerprint analysis became the stuff of detective shows take the time to carve lines into his fake bigfoot before his trek in the woods? Today, I have to dismiss recent accounts.

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Finally, some solid science on Bigfoot | Science News

Bigger animals in the north, ranging to smaller estimated sightings in the south. But in addition to the limited number of sightings, experts must also contend with a number of faked reports from attention-seekers. Oregonian outdoors columnist Bill Monroe, who heard Bigfoot vocalizations on an elk hunt, found the calls more unnerving. The kind of scream no cougar or bear could ever squeeze from their throat Piercing, echoing, guttural; a single, horrible high-pitched-yet-throaty, inhuman, unnatural creation of Steven Spielberg that makes your skin crawl.

Coleman says researchers have been reluctant to study Bigfoot mating patterns or behavior. We really need to collect everything and not discriminate against any of it. They ate her. In August of , alternative magazines across the country published stories on what Coleman calls the quintessential example of humans encroaching on Bigfoot land. A 17 year-old named Christine Van Acker was driving through Monroe, Michigan with her mother when they ran into a giant hominid.

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