Stem Cell Research : Hope or Hype?

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Did hockey legend Gordie Howe experience a miraculous recovery from a stroke after receiving stem cell treatment in Mexico?

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What therapy did he receive, and was this done as part of a rigorous research study, or was it unscrupulous stem cell tourism? These questions have generated enormous public interest over the last few months, but few real answers. Now Dr. Unrealistic expectations and medical tourism could hamper the great progress we are making.

Howe was treated with two kinds of human stem cells: mesenchymal stem cells derived from donated adult bone marrow and neural stem cells derived from donated fetal cells. Mesenchymal stem cells have shown some signs of modest effectiveness in previous clinical trials, but neural stem cells are less well-studied.

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During the trip, Dr. Stewart had a chance to speak with people involved in producing and administering the stem cells, and view their facilities, documents and procedures. He was particularly interested in the regulatory framework for producing and administering the stem cells. In Canada and the U. In addition, experimental therapies can only be administered to humans through carefully regulated clinical trials that are designed to protect patient safety and produce meaningful results.

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Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cells: Save the Hope and Lose the Hype

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Lung Cancer Stem Cell Research

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