The Origin of Species

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Some of the text differs substantially from what was eventually published in the first edition of the ground-breaking book.

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Charles Darwin is one of the most influential figures in history and these pieces represent a direct and physical connection to how he developed his pioneering work. These handwritten and personally signed pieces create an incredibly powerful impression that simply could not be achieved from looking at a digital version or even a published copy.

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That is why it is right that we do what we can to preserve these valuable items for the nation. Published in , On the Origin of Species is widely regarded as the foundation of evolutionary biology, and caused an intellectual revolution at the time.

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Written at Down House, the page, number , forms part of his conclusion for Chapter 8 which focuses on hybridism and is the only substantial part of the chapter to survive. It was agreed that, in this case, the existence of digital copies would not satisfy the national interest. The few surviving sheets, touched by and written on by him, with evidence of pauses for contemplation, or spurts reflecting the rapid flow of thought, bring one closer to the man and his process of creation than perhaps anything else.

The fragments under threat of export are particularly important. They show how Darwin revised his texts, pinning successive revisions onto sheets containing an earlier draft.

The six editions of the ‘origin of species’ A comparative study | SpringerLink

But the other two fragments, from his Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, are perhaps even more important. Though less well-known than On the Origin of the Species this book, among the earliest works on behavioural psychology, greatly influenced Sigmund Freud. The nation has the chance to save revealing and intimate fragments of two works which, directly or indirectly, have shaped and continue to shape the modern world.

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Copy of Charles Darwin's 'Origin of Species' sells for record half million

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Darwin's 'Origin of Species' Voted Most Influential Academic Book

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