Treating Depressed and Suicidal Adolescents: A Clinician’s Guide

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Medicine Psychiatry. Free Preview. An essential guide to the diagnosis and management of Child ADHD comorbidities Covers psychiatric disorders Includes questions and answers for each case study see more benefits. Buy eBook.

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  • Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book The diagnosis and management of ADHD co-occurring with other disorders such as anxiety, depression, tics and substance use remain major challenges for clinicians treating all age groups.

    Behavioral Activation: Treatment of Adolescent Depression

    Show all. SEATTLE — When it comes to treating children and adolescents who have experienced trauma and present suicidality, it is not just the patients who need support. Clinicians also experience grave anxiety when dealing with a traumatized child exhibiting suicidal behavior. The Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicide CAMS framework can help clinicians or health care workers manage the care of these challenging patients.

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    CAMS is well established in adults with suicidal behavior, but it is unproven in youth and adolescents. The key is to its success in younger patients will be whether the program is developmentally appropriate, according to Molly C. Adrian, PhD , assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral medicine at the University of Washington, Seattle. The CAMS approach emphasizes cooperation between the therapist and patient.

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    Adrian said. CAMS is a framework for patient management that has no prerequisites for the therapeutic approach. In moderate-severe depression, benefits for fluoxetine and possibly other NGAs demonstrably outweigh risks. NGAs are not present in adolescents who die by suicide. Concern about NGA risks must be balanced against risks of non-treatment. While mild depression entails regular review, psychoeducation, self-care strategies and psychological interventions, NGAs should be administered concurrently with psychological treatments if depression is moderate- to severe, or if mild depression persists.

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