What is Negation?

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Liar Liar Liar!

Negatives and Negation–Grammar Rules

Here your friend has not told the truth. In Case 3 and Case 4, he does not behold a rainbow in the sky.

Q&A: What Is the Negation of the Negation?

Now in these two cases, you would not really want to call your friend a liar. The reason is that your friend clearly said that something would happen only if he did behold a rainbow in the sky. Hence, the truth table for implication. Note that cases 3 and 4 are true by default. A conditional that is true by virtue of the fact that its hypothesis is false is called vacuously true or true by default.

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If we know that a sentential variable p is true or that a sentential variable q is true, we can deduce the truth of a sentential variable r by showing following two things:. Then no matter whether p or q is the case, the truth of r must follow. The division into cases method of analysis is based on the following logical equivalence:. Hence, the two propositions forms are logically equivalent.

In the Principia Mathematica, Whitehead and Russell defined implication in terms of the basic symbols as follows:. The following truth table shows the logical equivalence of "If p then q" and "not p or q":. It follows that the negation of "If p then q" is logically equivalent to "p and not q. It is false when p is true and q is false; otherwise it is true.

Definition of Negation in English Grammar Plus Many Examples

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