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The opportunity to explore these intriguing questions arose with identical twin astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly.

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At a press conference not long thereafter, it was Scott who hinted that that this mission might provide the chance to compare the impact of space living on his body with his Earth-dwelling identical twin brother, Mark Kelly, who had also been an astronaut and former Navy test pilot. Scott would spend a year in space aboard the International Space Station, while his identical twin brother, Mark, would remain on Earth.

Results will guide future studies and personalized approaches for evaluating health effects of individual astronauts for years to come. As a cancer biologist at Colorado State University I study the impact of radiation exposure on human cells. As part of the TWINS Study, I was particularly interested in evaluating how the ends of the chromosomes, called telomeres, were altered by a year in space.

Some teams evaluated the impact of space on the genome — the entire complement of DNA in a cell genomics. Other teams examined which genes were turned on and producing a molecule called mRNA transcriptomics.

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Some studies focused on how chemical modifications — which do not alter the DNA code — affected the regulation of the genes epigenomics. Some researchers explored the proteins produced in the cells proteomics , whereas others scrutinized the products of metabolism metabolomics. There were also studies examining how the space environment might alter the microbiome — the collection of bacteria, viruses and fungi that live in and on our bodies.

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One investigation examined the immune response to the flu vaccine. Cognitive performance was also evaluated using computer-run cognition tests specifically designed for astronauts.


More than biological samples — stool, urine and blood — were collected from the twins at multiple times before, during and after the one year mission. The Kelly twins are without a doubt one of the most profiled pairs — on or off our planet. They are also one of the most interviewed. So any age difference between the brothers would only be a few milliseconds. Even so, the question of spaceflight-associated aging and the accompanying risk of developing age-related diseases like dementia, cardiovascular disease and cancer — during or after a mission — is an important one, and one that we aimed to address directly with our study of telomere length.

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Telomeres are critical for maintaining chromosome and genome stability. However, telomeres naturally shorten as our cells divide, and so also as we age. The rate at which telomeres shorten over time is influenced by many factors, including oxidative stress and inflammation, nutrition, physical activity, psychological stresses and environmental exposures like air pollution, UV rays and ionizing radiation. Our study proposed that the unique stresses and out-of-this-world exposures the astronauts experience during spaceflight — things like isolation, microgravity, high carbon dioxide levels and galactic cosmic rays — would accelerate telomere shortening and aging.

To test this, we evaluated telomere length in blood samples received from both twins before, during and after the one year mission. Take 30 minutes for your detoxification process and "sweat out your toxins!

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